What sets us apart?

CLEMAP AG is active in the field of energy and sustainability. Our hardware and software help you to know, optimize and reduce your power consumption. CLEMAP solutions are intelligent systems that inform the customer about their energy consumption to help them make decisions about their usage.

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Load disaggregation

CLEMAP’s sensors have a higher sampling rate than standard metering systems, enabling the detection of electrical appliances on the grid. This process is commonly known as load disaggregation.


Software portals

The information about electricity consumption is displayed in detail on CLEMAP’s proprietary iOS, Android or Web Application. Further API interfaces are available.


50 years of know-how

CLEMAP’s product are based on profound industrial know-how. CLEMAP’s team is composed by electrical, mechanical and IT experts applying their knowledge in the energy environment.


Daniel Clauss - Managing DIRECTOR EKS

CLEMAP's disaggregation technology has great potential for new customer applications and products. EKS recognized the potential early on and works with CLEMAP in the areas of market know-how and product support. […]


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