Frequently Asked Questions

+ If I subscribe to the CLEMAP service, how and when can I cancel the service?

After a minimum contract period of one year, you can cancel the service every month.

+ Where is the best place to install the sensor?

Ideally, the sensor should be installed in the fuse box inside the flat/household/property. The sensor can also be installed on the meter box, but there is a risk that it will not have a wireless connection.

+ Do I need a wireless connection where the distribution box or fuse box is?

It simplifies the installation if there is a wireless connection. If not, the electrician would need to install a repeater (e.g. Netis PL7622 Wireless Powerline Adapter) to access your wireless. We can also supply the sensor with a LAN port. You must inform us accordingly.

+ What happens if I turn off my wireless? Will the data still be collected?

Yes, the sensor itself has a memory that stores the data temporarily. As soon as the wireless is reconnected, the data is visible again on your app.

+ Can the sensor also be installed with a photovoltaic system or battery?

Yes, there is a slight additional effort during the installation, this is possible.

+ Will my data be transferred to third parties?

We follow the security guidelines of the EU regarding data protection and will not pass on your data to third parties without your permission.

+ On which smartphones does the application run?

Our application runs on Android, IOS and Webapp.

+ Why does the sensor have to be connected to the wireless?

We transfer the current measurement from the sensor to our server. There we apply our algorithms and transfer the result to your app.

+ What guarantee does the sensor have?

The sensor has a warranty of two years.

+ I am a tenant of an apartment, can I still benefit from CLEMAP?

Yes, absolutely! The sensor can be installed in the fuse box, if there is no space, we will install the sensor outside.

+ Since I am a tenant, do I have to inform my landlord about the installation?

If the installation takes place in the fuse box of your apartment, you do not have to inform your landlord. If the installation takes place in the central distribution box, we recommend consulting the landlord.

Do you have additional questions for the installation? you can reach us under or Tel. +41 44 548 20 61.