CLEMAP Energy Monitor
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The CLEMAP Energy Monitor can be installed by your electrician using the instructions provided. The activation of the sensor can take place after connecting to the Internet via the platform, shortly after you will be able to monitor the electricity consumption of your company daily, weekly and monthly via the mobile or Internet web application. The use of the application is free.

Datasheet CLEMAP Energy Monitor

Datasheet CLEMAP Energy Monitor

Sensor specifications:

  • Nominal tension: 230 VAC

  • until 200A with magnetic current sensors

  • until 6’000A with Rogowski coils

  • Nominal frequency: 50Hz

  • Security: WEP wireless, WPA, WPA2, data interface TLS / SSL

  • Energy consumption <3W

  • Data resolution: power 1W, energy 1Wh

  • Standard load disaggregation included

  • The sensor has to be installed after 16A protection

  • Dimension: 105x86x59mm

  • DIN rail mounting

  • 24 month warranty


Reference: Fabrizio Keller, Keller Rösterei

"Energy consumption is a key factor for us at Keller Rösterei, we need a grip on it from an entrepreneurial and environmental point of view. The CLEMAP Energy Monitor is exactly the right solution for us: inexpensive, easy to install and user-friendly. The data that we receive in the app helps us to make the right decisions about our business.”


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CLEMAP Energy Monitor - For Businesses (64A, 100A, 125A, 160A, 200A)
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